Friday, August 1, 2014

JULY: photo-a-day

Here's to July! I hope you enjoy these photos, since they are a little glimpse into my everyday life.

Day 1: ice cream
Ian actually had to be coerced into getting ice cream for this picture. Ha. Well...we had already had ice cream and taken pictures earlier that evening, but I wasn't happy with the way they turned out so I had to really convince him he wanted to eat another one just for this picture.

Day 2: pink
Today's theme is for Ian's daughter, Reagan Emery Williams, who at the age of 2 1/2 became a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Today marks the 8th anniversary of her death.

Day 3: mirror
This photo was taken while we were driving up to my sister's in Logan. I know that it is completely out of focus, but sometimes that's just the way life is. And sometimes that is what makes is so great.

Day 4: 'Merica
Happy 4th of July! We spent the whole day hanging out with family. Well, except for the few hours we snuck away to check out the Cache Valley Cruise-in. So many amazing cars!

Day 5: chicken
Gil was the ultimate chicken of the day...he chickened out of jumping off the diving board today and he is also wearing a chicken hat and doing the chicken dance

Day 6: special day
Every day is a special day when I get to be with this fella! (This day was deemed special day since it was our 2nd anniversary - from our first date. And Ian was sneaky by creating these themes, and planned to propose to me that morning. Of course I said yes! We waited a few days to make it public, since we wanted to make sure our family and close friends had heard directly from us.)

Day 7: chocolate
I absolutely love p'zookies. Chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven, and ice cream! Yum!

Day 8: hero
He is definitely one of my heroes! Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this man.

Day 9: libation
1: an act of pouring a liquid as a sacrifice (as to a deity)
2: an act or instance of drinking often ceremoniously

Day 10: anarchy
Our garden is rebelling and growing way too fast! I know you really can't see it in the garden, but pretty much everything grew a foot in the last 2 days. 

Day 11: favorite movie
I just watched Finding Vivian Maier, and I must say she was one talented woman! If you don't know who that is, go look her up. She is my inspiration for tonight's self portrait.

Day 12: handsome
It totally made my day when I came home from work and saw that these two handsome boys were visiting!

Day 13: naked
Just a couple of Nakeds in the shower together. He He.

Day 14: brother
This brother helped us with removing these annoying bushes tonight! Still a work in progress.

Day 15: silly
This silly man decided he could do a cartwheel. And he did!

Day 16: high school
I can't tell you how many times I walked down this sidewalk and through those doors.

Day 17: cactus
We found this cute little cactus on our hike today!

Day 18: fire
Oh, you know, just found some old firecrackers in the garage tonight. And we HAD to light a few. Sorry horses for scaring you.

Day 19: noon
Well, it was noon-ish when I took this picture at work. Our lovely laptop for entering work information. Yay.

Day 20: fairy tale
This reminded me of a book that I read numerous times as a young girl, Afternoon of the Elves. I wanted my own little elves to take over the back yard. Sadly, it never happened.

Day 21: jesus
Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of Jesus? I mean, who honestly comes up with my themes? Oh wait, Ian Williams does. So I made him come up with a way for me to accomplish this theme.

Day 22: fabulous
What is more fabulous than seeing this beautiful bird while eating a fantastic meal at Taggart's Grill? Nothing, I tell ya!

Day 23: candy
Who knows what kind of candy this is? If you do, what is your favorite color/flavor?

Day 24: lake
We went to Mirror Lake today, but it was too crowded. So we found a nice quiet lake to hang out at nearby, Pass Lake. We even got to see this fly fisherman actually catch a fish!

Day 25: hose
Watering the garden is a never ending job, good thing we have hoses and sprinklers. Thank you modernish inventions.

Day 26: airplane
I got to play airplane with Captain Hook today!

Day 27: parents
As you can tell, my parents were not very cooperative tonight. 

Day 28: coffee
I like the smell of coffee (sometimes), but I absolutely cannot stand the taste. What's your favorite flavor? If you don't drink coffee, what is your favorite hot drink?

Day 29: manly
What's more manly than a double rainbow?

Day 30: from the car
This was our view "from the car" during our drive tonight. Well, I was actually holding the camera out the window and over the car while Ian was driving. 

Day 31: talented
I wish I was talented and could play the piano. I just don't have the patience.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Watkins Family | Family Session | Northern Utah Photographer

This cute family wanted to get some family pictures in before they moved to Washington. The boys were so full of energy I got tired from watching them.

Koby | Mini Session {Baptism} | Northern Utah Photographer

This little man was super excited for his baptism mini session! He got to spend the morning with his mom (without his two sisters) picking out his handsome suit. 

Rasmussen Family | Family Session | Northern Utah Family Photographer

 The Rasmussen Family was the lucky winner of the FREE photo session drawing that was held on my facebook page! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

30 Day Photo Challenge

I've always wanted to do a photo challenge, but always thought I was "too busy" and would always think of the failure that would inevitably come when I just happened to forget one day. I am definitely glad that Ian, my loving and ever encouraging boyfriend, convinced me that I could do this challenge. And I couldn't use the excuse that I didn't have time, at least not right now. So here's to my very first monthly photo challenge. Enjoy!

Day 1: me {as a baby}
I don't have many baby pictures so I didn't much choice in which one to use; and I didn't want some boring picture of a picture type of thing. I decided to use one of the trees in my yard to add some nature, since I love being out in nature. 

Day 2: outdoors
Ian decided that he wanted to do a long hike today. Since my family has property up in the Wasatch Mountains, 5 miles from our house, he decided to hike up there. I'm lazy and didn't want to hike, so I took the Ranger up and relaxed in the hammock, reading while waiting for him.

Day 3: favorite color
Since the beginning of my coloring days, cadet blue and I have been close friends. Still to this day, I love blue and gray (so why not have it all in one crayon?) I seriously think I colored everything this color, EVERYTHING!

Day 4: texture
Some days thinking of something that fits the theme is really, really hard for me. So I turn to my trusty Ian to help me. He suggested using the texture of the road. So between oncoming traffic, I was able to lay in the road to get this shot. It's actually a combination of multiple pictures, so I could get the texture and also the barn in the background to both be in focus.

Day 5: family
The original idea that I had for this theme just didn't work. I tried to do adorable pictures of my nephews out on the River Walk Trail, but the two rascals would not cooperate. I got this photo as my brother was walking them back to their house.

Day 6: clouds
I was worried that there wouldn't be any clouds for this theme, but luckily there was and I was able to capture the two birds in this picture. 

Day 7: happy
What's more happy than these two boys playing in the sprinklers? 

Day 8: busy
Garden time is a busy time. These three had no idea I was lying in the grass capturing their busyness. Don't worry, I was helping too. Just not at this moment.

Day 9: micro {up close}
Introducing Raffe, our micro (miniature) giraffe. Who sits on the dash of my car, forever leading all the adventures. We got this lego giraffe from the Hogle Zoo last year during their lego days. He's adorable.

Day 10: 10 o'clock
Again an idea from the wonderful brain of Ian. Taking a photo of myself at 10 am and 10 pm. Ready for an 2nd interview in the morning (for a job I didn't get) and ready for bed at 10 pm.

Day 11: sunshine
This photo has a double meaning. Not only did I take this photo out in the sunshine, but Ian's tattoo is the lyrics for You Are My Sunshine. It is a dedication to his daughter Reagan, who was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome when she was 2.

Day 12: play
We love us some scrabble. Well sometimes. Ian beat the crap out of me by the way.

Day 13: calm
This was the night of the wonderful honey moon, it was only visible for a small time since we had lots of cloud cover. But I mostly wanted to capture the solar path lights since I have always loved seeing them when they turn on.

Day 14: silhouette
I had forgotten to get a silhouette photo in before going to my 3 month photo session, so I enlisted the help of mom and dad to get a really awesome shot!

Day 15: father
Happy Father's Day! I went on a ranger ride with my dad and my two nephews.

Day 16: flowers
I have always wanted to get a photo of these flowers and this fence. But every year I say this I forget to actually do it until the flowers have already died. This theme was a great excuse to finally capture this beautiful contrast.

Day 17: simple
I spent way too much time agonizing over this theme. I even enlisted help from friends on facebook. In a moment of inspiration I grabbed my nephews plastic cow and went outside. It was raining so I made it really really quick. I am pretty sure this was a 1 take photo!

Day 18: jump
Not my best photography, but Ian is a great sport on days that my creativity is lacking. He just kept on jumping when I didn't like the photo.

Day 19: in my town
Nothing is more iconic in my town than Commercial Street. They have transformed this street numerous times to film movies. 

Day 20: four
I made the best, THE BEST, home made pizza this night! I'm actually drooling right now thinking about it.

Day 21: summertime
I swear every night is "let's sit outside and enjoy the fresh air" night during the summertime.

Day 22: evening
This is a must have item while sitting outside every evening. The mosquitoes are evil.

Day 23: path
We found the coolest path to explore while visiting my sister in Logan. Next time we'll bring better shoes to fully explore the Logan River Trail.

Day 24: sit
We spent an extremely hot couple hours down in Salt Lake City today. Sitting in the shade was probably 20 degrees cooler.

Day 25: on the go
This little man is constantly on the go. I swear he can run faster than me.

Day 26: bubbles
This boy loves taking baths. Nothing is better than taking a bubble bath in grandma's bath tub.

Day 27: pair
A pair of socks hanging on the clothesline.

Day 28: calm
I love me some quiet, calm time in the tub. Especially while reading a good book.

Day 29: splash
Even super heroes like to splash in the sprinklers.

Day 30: starts with an "s"
Sparkler art!

Now that I am finished with my 30 day challenge, I have decided to keep going. So Ian will be creating a monthly photo-a-day theme list. Let's hope I can keep this up.